Orthodox Web Solutions

The template you created for the UOL website was a hit! Everyone thought it looked amazing. Once again, I thank you for your swift help!

Aleksandra Hucul
Ukrainian Orthodox League
Wallingford, Pennsylvania

The website is beautiful! Thank you so much! My husband, Fr. Dragomir, just saw it as well and was thrilled! Your program is amazing, as I have mentioned already! Thank you again for all of your help in answering my questions. May God grant continued success with your business!

Popadija Kristina
St. Michael Serbian Orthodox Church
Akron, Ohio

We at St. Panteleimon's are excited that we have a proper website which will be easily managed now because of your company! I enjoyed building the site using your online software!

Rd. James Tilghman
St. Panteleimon Orthodox Church
Summit, Illinois

The process begins when the parish administrator logs into the Site Manager control panel. This can be done from any computer connected to the internet.

After logging in, the administrator can add, remove, or modify the information shown on the website. All changes are made instantaneously and can be undone, if desired, using website backups.

Browsing the Image Archive.

Managing your articles.

Changing your link colors.

Editing your pages.