Orthodox Web Solutions

Thank you for ALWAYS getting back to me very quickly. Best customer service ever. You can quote me:)

Alena Plavsic
Development Manager
Fund for Assistance to the ROCOR

Your product just keeps getting better and better. Support is outstanding and quick. Thank you for supplying reasonably priced, easy to use, professional looking websites for the propagation of the true faith of Holy Orthodoxy.

Fr. John Ciarciaglino
St. Philip The Apostle Orthodox Church
Tampa, Florida

I cannot thank you enough for the quality of service provided by your web ministry. It has made this transition from one site to another and from one domain registry to another easy. May God bless your efforts. Keep up the good work!

Fr. Kevin Greenwood
Holy Cross Orthodox Mission
Columbus, Ohio

The process begins when the parish administrator logs into the Site Manager control panel. This can be done from any computer connected to the internet.

After logging in, the administrator can add, remove, or modify the information shown on the website. All changes are made instantaneously and can be undone, if desired, using website backups.

Browsing the Image Archive.

Managing your articles.

Changing your link colors.

Editing your pages.